The VARANASI ™ 100% Silk Dupioni cremation shroud was the first constructed shroud  offered by KINKARACO ™ to funeral homes and the public in  2009. These shrouds can be  used  in home funeral vigils and  to remove the body from the home or hospital .They are made specifically for cremation (but may be placed inside any casket for green or conventional burial. Some states may require these shrouds  be placed inside a rigid cardboard container or a casket for the cremation process . 

IMPORTANT: IF SOMEONE IS TERMINALLY ILL AND WANTS ONE OF OUR PRODUCTS FOR CREMATION - PLEASE DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO ORDER AND SHIP THE SHROUD ! (Ordering the shroud will not hasten the Death , and will give you great peace of mind to have it ready and on hand when needed and save you hundreds in NEXT DAY AIR  shipping.)