What is  a green burial? 


A true GREEN BURIAL  is the natural process of burying a body in a GREEN BURIAL SHROUD  or other 100% biodegradable container without :  metal, embalming fluid or  toxic chemicals ,in a grave that contains no burial vaults or grave liners . The body is lowered directly into natural ground free from pesticides in a designated "Green /Natural " Cemetery , conservation burial ground  or a designated section of a conventional cemetery set aside as a "Green Burial Section". Not all cemeteries allow natural "green " burial: 

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 Natural graves are hand dug whenever possible using no machinery and graves are dug no deeper than 48" for maximum decomposition.  The dirt is separated into piles of the Earth according to the natural layers and replaced in correct order for microbial breakdown.In this manner, the  body decomposes organically back into the Earth. Shrouds are the most biodegradable product for rapid decomposition in Green Burial. (photo of: BOTANIKA DEATHSPA ™ herbal lined shroud)


A Green funeral  service often includes the process of preparing the body at home or accomodating funeral home, preparing the grave (with flowers, lining the bottom with petals, hay, grass or fragrant leaves) as well as the carrying and lowering of the body by the family, friends and/ or grounds crew ,followed by the covering of the grave  with many shovels (available at green cemeteries) in part  or completely by the family and friends.

The placing of a stone or the planting of a tree as a living "marker" is also common .After the burial ceremony , a memorial service or wake is often held in another location after the burial unless there was a home vigil beforehand  that acted as a Memorial service with food, readings, sharing memories , music  (and sometimes even dancing! ) 

What is a Green Cemetery?

In its purest form a land conservation cemetery remains completely natural unforested and endowed into perpetuity in wild land that remains preserved as open space (EXAMPLE: See Memorial Ecosystems for more information) . It can also be a section of a conventional existing cemetery in a completely natural area without any landscaping ,use of pesticides and without any vaults or liners .NOTE: You can only have a natural Green Burial in a cemetery that will allow it and that does NOT require a vault or liner . 

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Dispelling funeral industry Myths  & Untruths -

1. The unembalmed human body is no more  toxic after death than it was in the hospital.

2. An unembalmed  body buried directly into the ground without a vault or liner will not pollute water systems - (however  leaking carcenigenic embalming fluid will!)  NOTE: There is not a square inch of the Earth that does not contain countless  bodies of dead insects, birds, animals, etc. 

3. Animals  do not dig up graves! ( The Mountain lions, cougars, bobcats, dogs, raccoons, possum, foxes, coyotes and other assorted wild animals in our Northern California green cemeteries have never attempted to dig up a grave. )

Only animals such as carrion fowl eat dead animals.

What is a  Shroud 

Traditionally one  long piece of cloth or several pieces of cloth used to wrap the body for burial or cremation.Previously shrouds were only allowed  to be used in US funeral homes and cemeteries  by  religious groups (Jews, Muslims, Hindus ,Bahai, Sikhs) . (See the  HISTORY of SHROUDS  page) 

{NOTE: Before  2004 all shrouds were religious  in nature and secular people could not use  a shroud for environmental purposes in a cemetery . That is why the founder of KINKARACO ® (while working in California's first green cemetery FERNWOOD ) designed the first constructed shroud  made specifically for all people to be able to use for natural green burial .}

KINKARACO ® is the first company to create shrouds for the funeral industry and the public 

While appearing  like  a simple wrapped piece of cloth  from the front , these shrouds  are actually a sophisticated single unit that is very strong and easy to use.There are 2 Back styles:

BACK #1  the Endfinity ™ board and straps attached to it  for lowering allowing the choice for  strong familiy members  and friends  to easily lower into the grave themselves .

BACK #2: handles for lifting into a casket.

A PURELIGHT™ shroud at the funeral service.....( the following photos courtesy of Moles Farewell Tributes

Being carried to the grave........................and being lowered into the grave without any kind of vault or liner.


The PURELIGHT™ 100% European White linen shroud as it appears in the grave.....


"The body ,like a seed ,entering the womb of Mother Earth - becoming a sprout , growing into an Apple tree from beautiful blossoms that grow into delicious apples that ripen, decay and fall back into the ground feeding the roots of the tree so that it can once more grow new buds, blossoms and apples the following year .This  is the cycle of  the Seasons . Father plants the seed into the  Mother's womb which grows into  a baby, a child , a teenager, an adult , an elder...then decays through sickness, accident, old age, and finally  is wrapped once again in a shroud .
Just as the newborn baby is wrapped in its  bunting , the body after its finished is washed clean and returned back into Mother Earth .   
                                   This is the cycle of natural  green burial. This is the cycle of Life & Death ..................." EK


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KINKARACO ™ shrouds were developed by the founder while working at Fernwood - California's first  green cemetery in 2004 .The original KINKARACO ® prototype shroud was first seen on SIX FEET UNDER in 2005: To view it click here! 

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( SHROUDS are often purchased in advance and kept wrapped in their box, with the Will , Advance Healthcare  Directives , final wishes ,etc. tucked away in a closet or cedar chest -with the family well informed of their whereabouts and clear instructions about what to do when the time comes. This is a very smart ,mature and kind thing to do for your loved ones.) 

PURELIGHT ™ 100% European Linen shroud                                                            

The BOTANIKA DEATHSPA™ 100% Silk herbal lined shroud 

TRU-GREEN- BELIEVER ™ 100% Cotton - Our most economical all purpose shroud. 


                                     GREEN FUNERAL CEREMONIES -


        (Photo: The KINKARACO® prototype shroud was purchased by the production of  SIX FEET UNDER in 2005 for the first ever televised GREEN BURIAL ! ) 

A  GREEN BURIAL takes place shortly after the  death with the body  held in refrigeration or on dry ice at home (see HOME FUNERALS ). Bodies can be washed by family or friends with KINKARACO ® Green Burial Wash ™ and prepared ( see PREPARATION page). Although there is usually no "viewing" in a green burial, that is always an option if the family wishes. The Facecloth of  all our  shrouds maybe  left off the face until burial. The procession, the carrying, the lowering and the covering of the grave are all very meaningful experiences for the friends and family, including the children .

{The "pallbearers "should be the strongest members of the family and friends present .They should carry and lower the KINKARACO ® shroud for shroud burial without a casket .}

GREEN GRAVE PREPARATION - Fill the bottom of the grave with natural fragrant grasses, herbs, flowers, hay or anything in season! Flowers, flower  heads and petals, fragrant branches of Pine, Bay Laurel, or long grasses or hay can be used to cover the bottom of the grave before the actual burial .Flowers can outline the grave. Green cemeteries provide many shovels so that all who want to participate , including the children, can help cover the grave .


After the grave is mounded and covered - GRAVE INCENSE sticks can be lit and stuck into the top along with flowers  .A special Natural rock or stone can be used as a headstone where allowed along with seashells, and anything of special meaning to the person. This practice of covering and decorating the grave of a loved one with the family and friends all together is extremely healing and meaningful for everyone involved.




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