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Created by a funeral professional for funeral professionals.."




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" KINKARACO ® was born while working in California's 1st  green cemetery & funeral home in order to fill a void for families seeking shrouds . Our easy to use, constructed "Shroud  products" were designed and developed  with the busy funeral professional in mind. We  have been here for you and your families from the very beginning of the green burial movement in 2004, creating innovative new sustainable  products reflecting the new  21st Century Deathcare ™. 

We are forever grateful to the industry for all of your support over the past 15 years and will continue to support you & your  businesses with 100% American Made ,innovative , high quality ,economical  products that you can trust , and that your customers  seeking modern sustainable options  for burial and cremation will appreciate and want to purchase for their families."

 Esmerelda Kent 

 Founder / Head Designer of KINKARACO ® Green Funeral  Products


Below are just some of our respected KINKARACO ® resellers & KINKARA-KART ™ owners:


                              Litwiler-Simonsen Funeral Home  Oregon                            Pray Funeral Home   Michigan 

                                                                                                                                                                               Fernwood Cemetery  Mill Valley, California 



                                    Calvary Cemetery Dayton  in Dayton,  Ohio 

Why choose Kinkaraco® Shrouds for green burial ? 

No separate Lowering boards or trays necessary!

No lowering machine neccessary !

With our Endfinity ® design - Lowering board and lowering straps are attached and so easy to lower! 

1.  AMERICAN Made & Certified:


2.  ORIGINAL-The very 1st constructed secular shroud perfectly designed specifically for green burial and cremation in 2004.

3.  The SAFEST SHROUD- Tested for over 14 years in funeral homes and green cemeteries (since 2005) with a flawless track record! There has not been  one single mishap in lowering or carrying by the families, the funeral directors  and/or the  grounds crews - ever ! 

4.  LIGHT- Take up as little space as a bag of golf clubs or a stack of towels and  weigh under 10 lbs. !


5. LOWERING ATTACHED- The only burial shroud on the market  with the lowering elements attached for green burial .

The  PURELIGHT ™ shroud shown below with  our exclusive Endfinity ® lowering board and straps attached was designed working in a green cemetery in 2004 .                                                                                                            (Photos courtesy of Moles Farewell Tributes



1. Unembalmed  bodies  must  ALWAYS be refrigerated before shrouding until the day of the funeral unless the family already shrouded the body previously at a home funeral using dry ice and the green burial is the same day. 

2.  All shrouds are not created equal! A "shroud" is traditionally just  a long piece of unsewn cloth. Other companies offer packages of  plain unsewn pieces of cloth that must be attached to a heavy board , a tray or  need some kind of mechanical lowering  method. This is not easy  for a busy funeral home. 

KINKARACO ® shrouds are constructed single units that are  easy to use and contain all you need: Handles, leakage protection and lowering.

The Endfinity ™ lowering system has just enough board in the spine  with lowering straps attached . They are very strong yet  extremely light . They have also been 100% successful and easy for families to carry &  lower themselves for the past 14 years.

3. Shroud burial should be safe and functional but also look attractive  & appropriate.  This is how the  PURELIGHT ™ shroud with lowering attached  appears in the grave : 


{NOTE: Religious shrouds such as the Jewish Taharim for Jewish funerals are for inside of caskets and do not function properly as shrouds for Green Burial  without being in a casket. Plain un-sewn  cloth sold as "green burial shrouds" offer no ability to lift or carry nor do they provide any kind of support or leakage protection for unembalmed bodies. }


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 Can be placed inside caskets or for cremation with our VARANASI™ Silk line 


NEW! Introducing  the KINKARA-KART ™ Processional caisson.          

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              Above: Picture courtesy of KINKARACO ® reseller Moles Farewell Tributes & Greenacres Cemetery                
              Below: The first  KINKARA-KART ™ lives at Ramsey Creek, SC ( the first Green Cemetery) MEMORIAL ECOSYSTEMS                                                                    



               Above: This KINKARA-KART™ lives at Kinkaraco ® reseller  PAXTANG CEMETERY  in Harrisburg, PA. 
               Below: This  KINKARA-KART™ lives at  Calvary Cemetery Dayton  in Dayton,  Ohio    




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