KINKARACO ® - Designers of the ORIGINAL constructed shroud  designed specifically for green burial . ( Don't be fooled by cheap imitations)  Safe & Worry Free - KINKARACO ® shrouds have been tested and are trusted by  funeral professionals and have proven themselves to be  100% problem free for over 10 years! They are the ONLY shroud with lowering capability attached. (For the first time , four strong women can now easily lower their average  weight friend by themselves! )

IMPORTANT: IF SOMEONE IS TERMINALLY ILL AND WANTS A GREEN BURIAL IN ONE OF OUR PRODUCTS - PLEASE DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO ORDER AND SHIP THE SHROUD ! (Ordering the shroud will not hasten the Death , but it will  give you great peace of mind to have it ready and on hand when needed and save you hundreds of $$$ in NEXT DAY AIR shipping.) 



Shrouds come in  2 different back choices: 

BACK #1- NO CASKET-The ENDFINITY ™ Lowering Attached (4 handles, 4 lowering straps and a board sewn into the spine.)

BACK #2 - (NO LOWERING ATTACHED-HANDLES ONLY) for inside caskets - Have  handles for lifting and carrying and for putting inside another container for burial or cremation. Perfect choice for green burial. (Click here for GREEN CEMETERIES


Wash the body and rinse with our exclusive GREEN BURIAL WASH™ before shrouding.Click here for PREPARATION instructions.