The KINKARA-KART ™ Processional

The KINKARA-KART ™ Processional,  a reproduction of a 19th Century hand drawn funeral caisson handmade and built to last a lifetime ! 

Created by KINKARACO ® for Green Cemeteries as well as  conventional cemeteries - for family processionals  from the parking lot ,the coach ,thru to rural & off trail gravesites on unpaved ground.

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Handmade by expert wagonmakers in the Old World  pioneer traditions .

Looks like an Antique but  it's brand new !

The three  sided wrought iron railing with removable bracket at the bottom end make it easy to load  Shrouded or casketed bodies without any worry of rolling off.

Add value to your cemetery  by offering your families a beautiful Processional  to the grave in your own choice of KINKARA-KART-

STAINED WOOD - Oak wood Your choice of Light Oak, Special Walnut or Dark Walnut stained wood with black painted metal railings, hubs and handle. $4200.00 

VICTORIAN - Painted & Pinstriped Oak wood- Replica of  Victorian funeral caisson   $5200.00


Black / Gold pinstripping

Hunter Green /Gold pinstripping .

Comes  with Black painted metal railings, hubs and handle. 80" long X 32" wide

ADD: Ball Hitch Handle  $175.00

ADD: Sled Skis for winter $450.00

ADD: Horse shafts for horse pulled  $450.00

CALL IN  ALL ORDERS  (415) 874-9698 

8 weeks from order to completion .

Customer pays shipping- Shipping quotes according to zipcode . 


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