Cremation is the use of high-temperature burning, vaporization, and oxidation to reduce a body - human or animal - to basic chemical compounds such as gas, carbon  and dry bone. It Is an alternative to ground burial and mummification and has been practiced by different cultures dating back to 20,000 BC with the Aboriginals in Australia.


Cremation is a Pre- Christian religious method of body disposal in Europe. It remains the preferred practice of many Asian cultures and religions such as Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, and Jain religions. Cremation is performed outdoors on open funeral pyres in countries such as India, Indonesia and China. 

 In  21st Century America, wrapping the  body of someone you love in a beautiful KINKARACO ® 100% silk  shroud is extremely attractive for cremation and has become an important element of creating a more meaningful cremation ceremony setting  it alight into smoke and mystery as is done in the Ancient East. (Shrouds may be required to go inside of a  rigid container depending on your state. ) 

KINKARACO ® designed the first constructed shroud for cremation in 2009 and  named it after the holiest outdoor cremation site in the world  VARANASI, in Benares, India:

We call our cremation shrouds  VARANASI JEWELS™ :

The VARANASI ™100% Silk cremation shroud is appropriate for Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs and Jain as well as anyone wanting an elegant special preparation  and purification of the body for the  cremation process. 

They come in the the colors of Precious Jewels that match Birthstones or peples favorite colors:

In Western countries  cremation takes place  in a crematory "retort " that is housed within a crematorium. A cremator is an industrial furnace that is able to generate temperatures of 870–980 °C (1,600–1,800 °F) to ensure disintegration of the corpse. A crematorium may be part of a funeral home  or may be an independent facility or a service offered by a cemetery.Some states require a body be placed in "rigid containers (cardboard boxes) or caskets for cremation.

Note: A single cremation in a conventional crematory uses about as much fossil fuel as driving a car 4800 miles .

A Buddhist community in Colorado  established the first outdoor cremation pyre in the US:- click here - CRESTONE , COLORADO. 




( SHROUDS are often chosen and purchased in advance by our customers and kept wrapped in their box, with the Will , Advance Healthcare  Directives , final wishes ,etc. tucked away in a closet or cedar chest -with the family well informed of their whereabouts and clear instructions about what to do when the time comes. This is a very smart ,mature and kind thing to do for your loved ones.) 


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