Mort Couture™ Collection

“Shrouds for Royal Deities, Kings and Goddesses ”

The Versailles™ Embroidered silk shroud


KINKARACO Mort Couture ™ shrouds are our top of the line offering in ultimate elegance for those who wish for the most exquisite in natural green Artisan Deathcare ™ where price is not necessarily a concern.
Versailles ™ 100% Silk embroidered taffetas,
   Tartan ™ 100% Scottish Wool in TARTAN plaids
 Africaine™ 100% Cotton hand dyed African mudcloth
These shrouds are all designed to be placed within caskets and may be lined with herbs or flower petals for the discriminating connoisseur in this life and beyond.
Hand made to order.


The Africaine™ mudcloth shroud
Tartan ™ wool selections