MOTHER  AFRICA WATER ™ 


                                                        (Painting of the Virgin de Regla by Cuban Artist  Miguel Alfaro 

I dedicate this offering to the ancestors of the birthplace of  all Human life...MOTHER the ancestors like the BaKongo, the Mande,the Wolof, the Gbe, the Chamba, the Makua, the Gullah and the all of the places her people were taken against their will ... Cuba, Haiti, Borinquen, Santo Domingo, Bahia,Tegucigalpa, Gullah Island and  New Orleans......and for all their great great great grandchildren living all over the world and in such the places such as  Detroit, Jackson, Baltimore, Memphis ,Flint, Havana, Oakland, Montgomery & Compton ..........Ache'

This age old  skin tonic and natural antiseptic body wash , brought over on the ships to the Caribbean Islands and the Bayous ...whispered, grandmother to grandaughter to chosen son by those who had to worship their Orishas in secret through the guise of the Catholic Saints - Ache' !

This recipe was handed down to KINKARACO's founder from a powerful  green eyed  Borinquen excellent dancer and son of Oya !(Gracias Senor Santero Negrito )

A natural  disinfectant  body wash with an amazing fresh aroma from the Caribbean is used to prepare the body before shrouding. 

Hand crafted from wild Ruta (Rue) , Island  flowers, Rum alcohol  and other healing herbal ingredients.....

Comes in 8 oz. Amber flask glass bottles - $35.00


Made  for you - with Love & Blessings

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