PREPARATION for SHROUDING - SHROUDS REPLACE CLOTHING .....

When a child is born it is lovingly cleansed of the birth process and wrapped in a clean new blanket ready to begin this life’s journey. When a person has died and left their body at the end of this life, they too are lovingly washed and the body is purified once more before returning back to the Earth, the Water or the Fire.

First the body and hair should be washed thoroughly with simple soap and water including the inside of the mouth then rinsed with water, and dried.

Then the body is rinsed with our exclusive 100% Natural KINKARACO ® Green Burial Wash ™ applied all over the entire body including the hair and left on. Nothing should be left from this world on the body. 

All jewelry, dentures, bridges, appliances, contact lenses, eye glasses , hearing aids, etc. are removed.

The body is now naturally purified as the day it was born and ready to be placed inside of a new KINKARACO ® shroud - free of all garments. ( Should the family wish some coverage we suggest brand new, unworn - 100% Cotton under garments.) 

This practice is very ancient and  Holy no matter what your Faith, belief system or lack there of. This process can be accompanied by silent or spoken Prayers, singing of hymns or favorite songs. 

For the environmentalists , atheists and agnostics, this is a practice devoid of unhealthy chemicals, glues, toxins or violating invasive procedures which allows only Organic matter into the Earth without any metal or any synthetic fibers.

We at KINKARACO ® have found through our work over the years personally experiencing shroud preparation before burial and cremation that this preparation - the shrouding of the body, the involvement of the family in both the lowering and covering of the shrouded body into the Earth is extremely psychologically healing and very meaningful. This manner of body preparation is environmentally sound and a spiritually connecting act of Love for whole families including children, friends and communities which promotes healthy grieving as well as being a meaningful experience in our lives just as much as the blessed birth of a newborn child.

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