Professional Testimonials

CEMETERY MANAGER: Rick Meade ,Calvary Cemetery Dayton 
"Simply the best products and assistance available for Green / Natural burial service providers.Esmerelda Kent embraces her work with true love, caring, thoughtfulness and understanding of the experience sought by those selecting natural burial as their preferred option for interment.Her burial shroud theme selection speaks to people of various faiths and cultures.

Most importantly from the service provider’s point of view, functionality items such as built in body support, carrying straps and lowering straps provide smooth handling of what could be an otherwise awkward experience.

 We recently purchased a Victorian style caisson ( the KINKARA-KART ™ from Kinkaraco®  with three different pull hitching options. The forest green paint with gold pin striping will add to the beauty and experience of our new St. Kateri Preserve for Natural Burial.

 Esmerelda  Kent is a passionate trailblazer in the Green Burial Community. I urge anyone to take advantage of her knowledge, products, and other related resources. You will receive kind and professional assistance, this I know."

Rick Meade, Executive Director


Dayton, Ohio



"I just saw Mark, the husband of Marj, for the first time since I met with them at their house last Friday to teach them about how to care for her after death. (She was still alive at that time..) He stood up today in the Unitarian service and said that he highly recommended natural burial and home funerals after his incredible experience. I saw him after the worship service and he raved about the shroud. I never got to see it, since they handled everything on their own, but his feeling was that it was very special and beautiful. It's fair to say our little community is embracing after-death care at home. How wonderful. 
This family had been planning to make the shroud themselves, but ran out of time.  How wonderful that your shroud meant so much to them.
 " from Massachusetts