OUR 1st  ONLINE CUSTOMER:8/2005  Steven R.(For his father in law)

" ...wanted to pass along some information to you on how we are using your shroud  inside a casket : The funeral home wanted $2000.00 for an orthodox Jewish casket (we aren't Jewish) . We found a handmade casket made by the Trappist monks for $875.00 and are putting the shroud inside . Used in conjunction with a vault turned upside down this is as close as we can get to a "natural burial" ia our traditiona;l cemetery . 
Thanks so much again 
Peace is Sane
Steven R. Toledo, Ohio 2005 

CUSTOMER: 4/10/ 2006 Robert F.( 80 year old former Marine WII veteran)

"I want to buy and keep for future personal use one biodegradable burial shroud. I am in the process of purchasing my plot at Tulocay Cemetery in Napa,CA and was told my body would be wrapped in a white plastic shroud which, in my mind, defeated my desire to have my body decompose naturally . I was told that the plastic shroud was to keep the fluids from leaching into the soil. After regrettably accepting this statement, i called back today and told them that I wasn't going to be embalmed and therefore could not see the sense in a plastic shroud.To my surprise they agreed with me that there would be no toxic fluids involved and said that it was OK for me to supply my own shroud. 

You may consider all of the above a hell of a roundabout way to ask about purchasing a shroud but I thought that the information might prove of interest to you .
Have a good day and please  do not mail the shroud until May 15th. 
Respectfully Robert F. 
Napa, CA. 

CUSTOMER : Fiona Weeks ,MD.for her Mother (Washington Post gossip columnist Diana McLellan ) :

"I am amazed that you were able to have the shroud arrive so quickly!  It came exactly as you promised and was even more beautiful than I had expected.  The funeral home even asked for your information because they were so impressed with everything.  I know my mother will rest peacefully ensconced in the beautiful saffron silk and the scent of lavender emitted by the wonderful liner you added.  It could not have been more perfect.Thank you so much for making this portion of our loss a bit easier.  You made a huge difference. I'm not sure what I would have done if I hadn't been connected with you.

With much gratitude,
Fiona Weeks
Easton, MD. 2014
CUSTOMER: Beth F. (this  family was so amazed by the beauty of shroud burial shroud they called me from a cellphone from the cemetery!) 

" My brother Doug was accepting of his fate, but could not accept the idea of being carried from the home he loved in something as cold and ugly as a plastic body bag . He was a very neat and fastidious person - always particular about his appearance.  So we purchased from Kinkaraco a white linen shroud (which he had chosen off your website while he was still living.)

It wasn't until my brother finally did pass that we opened the package and saw the beautiful fabric and handiwork of this creation . My brother was lovingly wrapped in the shroud by his friends.The beautiful white linen brought to mind a white wedding suit . Your shrouds are like wedding clothes!" 

A moment I had been dreading was instead made not only acceptable, but beautiful beyond imagination.  A moment I will treasure in my memory as one of peace and beauty instead of sorrow.


Beth F. 

Woodland Hills, CA. 

CUSTOMEREve B.,age 22 ,(for her  29 year old brother)

Esmerelda- Thank you so much for being so accommodating . It really helped us how compassionate you were during this difficult time in our lives. My brother was only 29 and my mom just couldn’t really deal. I appreciate the service you provided me and my sister and I hope more people will consider green funerals in the process.(I’m hoping things will change one family at a time.) Eve B.
2008 Northampton , Massachusetts

CUSTOMER: Susan B. (for her husband  dying of cancer.) 

"Thank you for the most exquisite shroud you made for Bill. It arrived a few days ago and I laid it on the bed and looked at it thinking, “It’s perfect”. I know that it was made with great love and care which means so much to me. It feels so personal. And the lavender wash is lovely. A couple of drops spilled on my hand as I opened it and I just rubbed it into my wrists, inhaling the aroma. Thank you for your very special role in this journey of Bill’s and mine.I have already referred you to several people." All my love and best wishes to you,
Susan B .2012
Marin County, California 

CUSTOMER: Catherine  S. for her Mother ,Maryland

(Catherines devout Catholic mother was terminally ill and requested to be wrapped in a shroud and to have a home vigil for 2 days after death for the priest to be able to come and give final rights, etc.Then  she wished to be transported from Maryland to Michigan. These requests were not met by the local funeral home so we helped Catherine find help through our network. These are her emails as she found help and drove her mother herself (in the family minivan in the snow at night to Michigan.) 

"Thank you very much for putting me in touch with Ms. Brandenburg.  She gave me a lot of concrete help very quickly, including several issues that had not come up before.She brought the cardboard container and helped with shrouding, Death Certificate & transit permits. 

"We made it.  We travelled through the night, under strict time constraints, experiencing odd problems, but we got there just in time, & from then on everything went beautifully.  Thank you for all your help.  Without your intervention things would have been different.  I am truly grateful.Thank you again.  I truly feel that you saved the day.  I will call you soon to relate the surprising and positive developments at the other end of the journey...  Namaste!"

Catherine S.
Feb. 2015