The Peacock shroud

Type: Shroud

Shimmering like the wings of a scarab beetle ,this Peacock shroud is made 100% 

Silk Dupioni in iridescent Turquiose blue/Violet . Comes with 5  brilliant Peacock feathers . Suitable for  burial inside a biodegrdable casket or for cremation . Designed for a special person with great style who was not at all shy in this Life....  

Size -LARGE (  6' &under )  

Size -SM/MED (5'5 & under )

IMPORTANT: IF SOMEONE IS TERMINALLY ILL AND WANTS ONE OF OUR PRODUCTS - PLEASE DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO ORDER AND SHIP THE SHROUD ! (Ordering the shroud will not hasten the Death , and will give you great peace of mind to have it ready and on hand when needed and save you hundreds in NEXT DAY AIR  shipping.) 

( SHROUDS are often purchased in advance of need and kept wrapped in their boxes for years , with the Will , Advance Healthcare  Directives , final wishes ,etc. tucked away in a closet or cedar chest -with the family well informed of their whereabouts and clear instructions about what to do when the time comes. This is a very smart ,mature and kind thing to do for your loved ones saving them from having to guess at what you may have wanted.)