1. The PURELIGHT™ 100% Linen

Type: Shroud



100% Biodegradable European Linen shroud  - 

ALL YOU NEED  for a perfect Green Burial without a casket. From the front ,it appears as a simple wrapped piece of cloth - but  inside it contains all the sophistication and strength needed for a succesful easy shroud burial -

4   handles for carrying, a board sewn inside the spine for stability and 4 lowering straps attached (6 straps and handles w/size XL). The most trusted shroud for green burial  at less than half the price of a green casket!  NO SEPARATE BOARD OR TRAY NECESSARY! Now for the first time - four strong women can easily carry and lower their average sized friend! 

This is the  ORIGINAL constructed burial shroud designed in a green cemetery by KINKARACO ® founder in 2004 - designed specifically for Green Burial . ( The 1st prototype of this shroud debuted on TV "SIX FEET UNDER" to bury Nate Fisher.) 

This is a PUBLIC RETAIL  SITE -  Funeral Professionals call (415) 874-9698) 

Made of 100% European  linen in White Ivory . LINEN is  the original fabric used for everything ( including for burial shrouds) from the cradle of civilization. Made from plants in Northern Europe, refined in ancient Egypt and highly prized by the  the Roman Empire. LINEN  was the cloth used in the traditional Jewish funeral preparation of Jesus Christ by Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus: 

"... Joseph of Arimathea took away the body of Jesus . Also came Nicodemus who brought the spices Myrrh & Aloeswood…they took the body and wound it in linen cloth with the spices as is in the manner of the Jews to bury…." (St. John 19:38-42.)

The PURELIGHT ™ comes with :


BACK #1 = ENDFINITY™ LOWERING BOARD & STRAPS ATTACHED- Contains: 4 handles, 4 lowering straps and a board in the spine for ultimate stability.(NOTE: XL has a total of 6 handles / 6 lowering straps and requires 6 strong pallbearers or grounds crew to lower (3 on either  side of shroud .)

The very first constructed shroud product designed specifically for green burial by the founder while working in green cemetery.It is  the most trusted shroud for green burial in the funeral industry today . 


*ALL shrouds have a strong canvas backs , handles, and a thick 100% cotton lining for leakage  protection.

Comes in 3 sizes: ( Size LRG WEIGHT TESTED to over 300 lbs. w/ XL)

SM/MED:   (5'2" and under) Average weight ( 90-150 lbs.) 

LARGE:      ( Up to  6') Average weight (125- 250 lbs. )

XL:   ( Up to 6'4") ( 195 - 350 lbs. ) Contains 6 handles and 6 lowering straps  

(This shroud has successfully been used to lower bodies over 350 lbs. but we take no responsibility for what people do after they purchase these shrouds.) 






IMPORTANT: If a Death has occurred or is imminent PLEASE ORDER BY PHONE: 415-874-9698     to avoid any unnecessary delays in shipping.
( Shrouds are often purchased in advance of need and kept wrapped in their boxes for years , with the Will , Advance Healthcare  Directives , final wishes ,etc. tucked away in a closet or cedar chest -with the family well informed of their whereabouts and clear instructions about what to do when the time comes. This is a very smart ,mature and kind thing to do for your loved ones saving them from having to guess at what you may have wanted. )