4. The VARANASI™ Silk Cremation Shroud

Type: Shroud

The VARANASI ® 100% Dupioni Silk shroud was the first constructed shroud designed for cremation in the USA by Kinkaraco ®  in 2009. It is named for the Holiest Cremation spot on Earth -VARANASI - on the Ganges River in Benares, India . For many people from other cultures- particularly in Eastern countries- cremation is not an "inexpensive alternative to burial" but a very Holy purifying devotional ceremony. (To learn more about Cremation click FIRE page) 

Made of 100% Iridescent Silk Dupioni : {Our classic dupioni cloth is handmade with a tight plain weave, fine warp yarns and heavier, slubbed filling yarns that form prominent, irregular crosswise ribs.  The fabric is medium in weight, with a crisp hand, an uneven texture and a very shimmery luster. Dupioni silk (meaning "double") is produced when two or more silkworms spin their cocoons too closely together. These slightly tangled cocoons produce filament that is  uneven and not as strong as cultivated silk. Dupioni silk usually comes from cultivated silkworms because their living quarters increase their chances of tangling the cocoons.  The lumps, or slubs, add texture and visual interest to this beautiful iridescent fabric.}  100% natural & biodegradable

Includes all the standard KINKARACO™ shroud features - a strong cotton canvas back (covered in silk), thick  batting lining. Comes in standard 2 colors :(

SAFFRON ( Traditional color of Hindu cremations & Fire ) ON SALE NOW

WHITE - (Traditional color of the Bahai Faith & Pure )  

100% biodegradable also  suitable for burial inside caskets)

Comes with BACK #2- 8 cotton webbing handles for ease of lifting and carrying and our 100% Cotton batting for leakage protection. Comes in 2 sizes: 

SM/MED-  5'4"& under ( Average weight 90-150 lbs.)

LRG- up to 6' ( Average weight 125 - 250 lbs.)

( Special sizes may be special ordered by phone (415) 874-9698  and priced accordyingly.)


 White Sage (Salvia Apiana) is an indigenous American herb of the great Southwest and is considered sacred by Native Americans and burned in ceremonies for Spiritual purification .

The VARANASI™ shroud adds ceremony to cremation by combining the burning of Native American White sage within a pure 100%  Silk shroud . A spiritually purifying choice preferred for cremation for those culturally and environmentally conscious , seeking a more meaningful & ceremonial cremation. 

"We have found many women love wrapping their loved ones in these beautiful respectful 100% SILK shrouds ." EK 

IMPORTANT: IF A DEATH HAS OCCURRED OR SOMEONE IS TERMINALLY ILL PLEASE ORDER BY PHONE: (415) 874-9698- PLEASE DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO ORDER AND SHIP THE SHROUD ! When possible ordering the shroud as soon as possible will not hasten  Death and will give the family  great Peace of Mind to have it ready and on hand when needed and save you hundreds $$$ in NEXT DAY AIR  shipping charges . 

(Our shrouds  are often purchased in advance of need and kept wrapped in their boxes for years , with the Will , Advance Healthcare  Directives ,final wishes etc. tucked away in a closet or cedar chest -with the family well informed of their whereabouts and clear instructions about what to do when the time comes. This is a very smart ,mature and kind thing to do for your loved ones saving them from having to guess at what you may have wanted. ) 

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