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What IS Death exactly?

Some say-"Well , no one comes back to talk about it now do they?" BUT THEY DO- All the time… 


NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE : The accounts of people who have physically “died” and come back are all very similar. People now joke about “going into the light” because of these fascinating tales told by so many people who were often in the hospital and who remained conscious through what many call a “out of body” experience.  

                                                                         They all unanimously share about a multi-dimensional experience of being able to see their body beneath them from a distance above as well as all the other people in the room .They speak about going into a dark tunnel-like atmosphere where they often meet with previously deceased loved ones such as parents, children or spouses and a feeling of unbelievable peace and the feeling of overwhelming Love which they express “never wanting to leave” – a sense of peace and well being not found on this Earth..(but imagined as in Heaven ) In fact it is often their loved ones they meet there who urge them to “GO BACK!” which some  are reluctant to do .We have these amazing accounts from these forever changed individuals. All of these people explain an experience in which the body and the mind perceiving the body are distinct and separate entities, the mind being separate from the physical brain and nearly all speak of a profound sense of Love and well being.


 TIBETAN BUDDHISM– Buddha Shakyamuni began life as a Hindu Prince 2500 years ago in India. He was kept from seeing any unpleasant human experiences in the Kings palace ,but one day through the huge gates to the outer village he caught a glimpse of aging people in the street. He became profoundly curious ,escaped the gates and went into the streets where he saw poverty, sickness and death for the first time as a young man. He had a profound sense of sadness and a Great compassion arose within him when he realized that the great tragedy of this  Life is that it always ends in Death. He left the palace ,his wife and child and lived for years as an ascetic (Sadhu) meditating and fasting.    


After years of fasting and other ascetic practices he had a deep realization of the futility of a mind of extremes and realized the True Path was "the Middle Way" . He cut off his long hair and ordained himself as a monk . He then sat under a Bodhi tree meditating for a long time having many realizations about Life and Death until he reached a mental state called Nirvana or Enlightenment in which his mind had reached its full potential (called the state of NO MORE LEARNING) he was fully AWAKE.                                                                                                                                    The Dharma teachings of Buddhism traveled to many countries in the East but  perhaps the place where it was best able to flourish  was in the completely  isolated Himalayan mountains, where great monasteries and Buddhist Universities allowed the monks and nuns the ability to become Enlightened without worldly distraction. One of the most  important  Buddhist practices is meditating on Death and the yoga of remaining fully conscious throughout the Death process. The most famous book on this subject (which this author read in High School) is :

                                                             The Tibetan Book of the Dead”


 MORAL DISCIPLINE : All Faiths  agree on many of the same non-virtues  listed in :

The 7 Deadly Sins (Christian)

the 5 Heinous Actions and the 10 Non-Virtues (Buddhism)

(Although there are 70 main ones listed in ( Islam ) most of the same ones are all included : Killing, Stealing, Adultery, Pride, Lying, Greed, Envy, etc. All guard against the basest of human nature in order to keep peace and harmony within society and create happiness within families. 


HEAVEN & HELL –These dimensions are all very specific places recorded in all Faiths including many  different types of Hell realms (Cold Hells, Hot hells, etc.) Heavens,Purelands and of course Paradise. All are  explained in great detail and are determined destinations of the mind according to one’s actions, moral discipline (or lack there of) and in essence are the resultant effects of ones behavior or KARMA  during one's lifetime .  


                   “The LOBBY” - In Christianity its called PERGATORY, in Buddhism the BARDO, in Islam BARZAKH (or “Facsimile World” ) and in Hindism NARAKA - all the names of the transitory state of the Spirit, Soul, or Mental Continuum – the dimension in which the post material physical “body” goes after Death - before entering the realms of Heaven or Hell. Kind of like a waiting room or a lobby.This is the realm where "NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE takes place. 


SLEEP & the DEATH process - The Tibetan Book of the Dead is an account of what happens blow by blow during and after the Death process. {It is important to note here that the teachings of Holy men like Jesus , Mohammed, Buddha are left with their disciples. Some don’t make it intact or take years to publish and others are “edited “ over the centuries by Kings and govenments for power. }Buddhism is an Eastern religion in which lineage is extremely important to protect the teachings (the Dharma) of the Buddha and every lineage in every country Buddha’s teachings were handed down from teacher to student in an unbroken lineage straight from Buddhas mouth from disciple to teacher to student .}

 SLEEP (our little nightly Death)  - Buddha taught that each night when we go to sleep our mental continuum (that is NOT the physical brain although they have a relationship) goes through many levels of consciousness from gross to more and more subtle states of consciousness until in very deep sleep we enter what is called the Clear Light of Sleep (ironically it is also the same level as the Enlightened mind that we go to every night but we don’t remember it!) Our mental continuum (spirit, soul, etc.) goes through all the levels of consciousness to the Clear light of Sleep every night while remaining connected to the physical body of this life . It remains there normally between 5-8 hours before rising back up through the levels of consciousness to what is called “Rim Sleep” or the DREAM STATE which is the grossest level of consciousness before waking into this dimension once again. We may remember our “dreams “ which are actual experiences in another state of consciousness . {Buddha taught that the DREAM STATE and the WAKING STATE are identical in nature , that one is no different from the other . The only difference is we believe the waking experience is REAL and the “dreamstate “ is not, however both worlds are equally the same –only being apprehended by different minds (the dream world by the dreaming mind and the waking world by the waking mind.)

          " Now I lay me down to sleep,
                           I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
                                           If I should die before I wake
                                                 I pray the Lord my soul to take..." Childrens bedtime prayer  

DEATH (or the separation of the Mind from the Body) – We all have an expiration date determined by what? Fate? Karma? Random? What ever one believes. But one thing we can all agree on - it is NOT logical. If it were people who smoke and drink every day wouldn’t live well into their 90’s and people who exercise every day and eat only organic vegetables (or one day old infants) wouldn’t die young. Yet Death comes when our expiration date goes off like a carton of bad milk , except  we have no idea when that will be.

What we DO know is that when the mind becomes unconsciousness through sleep ,car accident, coma, etc. the mind goes through the all different levels of consciousness it goes through in the sleep process , but n this state depending on peoples Karma or fate, the mental continuum (spirit, soul, etc.) it either goes into the BARDO (Pregatory, Barzakh ,Naraka, etc.) in which some people experience NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES and they karmically return to the waking world .If however the mental continuum (mind) completely disconnects from the physical body this state becomes the Clear Light of Death and the mind (soul, spirit,etc.) goes on to the next lifetime while the previous physical body shell is left behind in the material world (to be disposed of in a conscious & responsible manner.)

Extremely adept Yogis and Buddhist Masters are able to predict the time of their own deaths and meditate through the Death process remembering the entire experience. Some become petrified in the meditation posture and their bodies are placed on shrines and worshipped for decades.


Death is a big topic these days especially with authenticity craving millenials who are determined to explode the last taboo topic in the Western world (as did Green Burial when it returned at the beginning of the 21st Century.) Death consciousness has always been a bad motivation for Capitalism in general as we learned after 9/11 (Why shop? )

 However, it has always been a favorite mystery science with the ancients of every culture on Earth as well as the few Enlightened teachers living amongst us here today.

As Fox Muldaur always says: “The Truth is out there….”


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