What is 21st CENTURY DEATHCARE ™???


First let's take a look at 20th Century funeral service:

This is a typical burial today- a Titanium vault to line the grave into which a steel or hardwood casket

containing a fully embalmed body is lowered using a mechanical lowering device into the grave that is

neatly covered with Astro turf so that no dirt is showing- Cost around  $8500.00 & up. 

Some Statistics: ( National Funeral Directors Assoc.- NFDA 2012) 



Each year, the 22,500 cemeteries across the U.S. bury:

30 million board feet of hardwoods in caskets

90,272 tons of steel in caskets

14,000 tons of steel in vaults

2,700 tons of copper and bronze in caskets

1,636,000 tons of reinforced concrete in vaults

827,060 gallons of embalming fluid


 Beginning in the late 1990s and growing in  the 21st Century a movement developed to promote what is commonly called natural or GREEN BURIAL-

                             ( Previously this option was only available to Jews and Muslims. Now it is available for anyone. )

In a green burial service ,the friends and family carry and lower the body themselves ( shown here  in a KINKARACO ® PURELIGHT™100% Linen shroud which has its own lowering "device" attached to the shroud unit. The friends and family drop flowers and love notes into the grave and then they all pick up one of many shovels provided in GREEN CEMETERIES and cover the grave all together- sometimes singing songs or playing musical instruments. Cost around $2000 & up



MORE Statistics:Until 1963 (coinciding with the revolutionary book by Jessica Mitford- "The American Way of Death" ) the Catholic Church prohibited Catholics from using cremation. As you can see below the cremation rate has been growing  steadily every year. Many peoiple chose cremation as the most sustainable choice available and it was until now.

In 2009 KINKARACO ® designed the first constructed shroud made specifically for cremation the VARANASI ® 100% Silk cremation shroud.

2012: 43.2%                            

2011: 42.0%
2010: 40.6%

2009: 38.15%

2008: 36.22%
2007: 34.60%
2006: 33.87%
2005: 32.13%
2000: 26.17%
1995: 21.11%
1990: 17.13%
1985: 13.86%
1980: 9.72%
1975: 6.55%
1970: 4.59%
1965: 3.87%
1960: 3.56%
  • 2012 Top 11 U.S. States by Percentage of Deaths Cremated
    1. Nevada: 74.2%
    2. Washington: 72.6%
    3. Oregon: 70.9%
    4. Hawaii: 70.0%
    5. Maine: 69.0%
    6. Montana: 67.7%
    7. New Hampshire: 66.7%
    8. Colorado: 65.5%
    9. Vermont: 65.0%
    10. Wyoming: 63.4%
    11. California 50.5% 
  •  21st Century Deathcare embraces - and is not repelled by- the nourishing  of other living organisms with compostable human and animal bodily  remains. 21st Century Deathcare ™ embodies these values:


    Conservation  of natural resources and avoiding waste in every aspect of living and in the Death process including using  100% Natural biodegradable materials in the manufacture of  high quality products with the least amount of waste.

    Examples: Manufacturing locally using low impact shipping choices, utilizing recycled packaging , sustainable business culture that cherishes the workers as much as the customers, psychologically healthy work environment based on overall Health & Happiness for all involved. 

    Disturbing REAL LIFE Statistics :

    The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) 

    ECOLOGICAL: Lack of denial - Previously shroud burial without a vault  was granted to only some  religious groups (Jews, Muslims,etc) usually with their own cemeteries or in sections of conventional cemeteries .In the 21st Century, however as  a result of  the tireless efforts of the GREEN BURIAL movement, this option is now available to ALL people  for environmental purposes regardless of Spiritual belief .
    It is the ecological  processing  with the fastest rate of decomposition directly into the EARTH.
    Other options include full body sea burial in  the WATER ,Cremation in the FIRE all without the use without the use of carcenigenic chemicals (embalming fluids) ,invasive practices such as body preservation ( embalming ) or the enormous annual waste of materials such as steel, metals, hardwoods, concrete, and other unnecessary substances that do not decompose in the wide spread 20th Century use of vaults, metal & hardwood caskets, etc. and that are not sustainable .                                                                                                                                               
    CEREMONIAL- Reverence- Promotes psychologically healthy  families and communities through participating in the healing death practices such as green CEREMONIES which include the conscious realization of accepting the physical Death of the body and not denying it .
    Example: GREEN SHROUD BURIAL where the body is clearly present under cloth ,held at the graveside in which the family and friends participate in the actual burial through processions, carrying, lowering and covering the grave all together with many shovels. Preparing the body at home ( post hospice ) in a home vigil with the help of home funeral guides and /or funeral directors trained to help. Having a silent meditative group reflection during the cremation process (simliiar to the Jewish practice of "sitting Shiva". ) (Click here for information about HOSPICE and  HOME FUNERALS )                               

                                               AUTHENTIC* ETHICAL* ORGANIC * CULTURALLY INCLUSIVE  * HUMBLE
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