January 02, 2015


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Shroudwoman Reflects - Happy New Year 2015!

Happy New Year 2015 from Paradise ! San Francisco USA -Tech Central of the Universe - where it's currently a Sunny 50º degrees here where the Crabfest never ends and the start-ups and Creme Brulee' carts litter the streets! ( Being Buddhist,every year we make offerings and chant to Mother Tara for her swift protection for All Living Beings around the clock every new Years from 4:00pm New Years Eve to Noon New Years Day at the Buddhist Temple. Heres a picture of this years altar.) Whats your tradition? What do you do on New Years ? We'd love to hear..


Well ,we're 15 years into the 21st Century and this year KINKARACO ® celebrates our 10th Anniversary ! 2005-2015! (You'll be hearing ALOT more about this and receive alot of specials throughout  the coming year !

INDUSTRY UPDATE:Although new Green Cemeteries and shroud burial is growing continually,the American Funeral Industry for the most part (with the exception of our precious forward thinking KINKARACO ®Resellers , the Green Cemeteries, Green Burial Council members, National Home Funeral Alliance members, FCA and innovative others ) seems to be pretty much operating like its 1979. Many old and respected funeral homes are still scratching their heads about social media, digitizing files and the tsunami of  cremation cases growing in every state.There are even some forward thinking funeral homes who DO offer GREEN services who are neglecting to inform the  public about this on their websites.This really makes no sense does it? .

Since 2005 we at  KINKARACO ® haved continued  to create and introduce our "ancient yet modern"  American made - high quality green funeral products that people love and women in particular wish to buy ! We offer these to funeral homes, cemeteries , home funeral guides and now directly to the public. Since many funeral homes still have the ol' "WAIT & SEE" attitude before offering green funerals ,we could no longer wait . (10 years is a long time ! ) 

Remember:THE PUBLIC DRIVES THE MARKET- so please ask your local funeral home  for what you want.Thats how things will change .You want a good skilled local funeral director or local certified experienced home funeral professional who understands what you want and can deliver . 

"What day is it again? " The  post Holiday Twilight Zone before the world returns to a proper work schedule, gives one a pleasant space to reflect on the previous  years events -

Reflections on 2014 -

1. KINKARACO® launches the KINKARA-KART! A 19th Century reproduction funeral caisson handmade specifically for green cemeteries and made by my new friend , another maker who lives in another world, who speaks the same language of color, design  and detail:


{This very first KINKARA-KART ™ was shipped from a rural midwestern farm to the loading dock of the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas ,where it was met by my assistant James in the parking lot, taken through the back doors (past the Shark Reef) up a freight elevator, through the  kitchen and out the doors right into our booth at the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association's 2014 Convention where yours truly  was one of the two Green Funeral  speakers. Here I am in our Booth ! }  The first KINKARA-KART'S  now live at : Ramsey Creek, SC, Paxtang Cemetery,PA , Calvary Cemetery Dayton,OH and Bellfontaine Cemetery, MO. 

2. KINKARACO ® lauches our first E-Commerce website for the public so they can purchase online or buy from our reseller s in 3 countries:USA,CANADA & AUSTRALIA. { We slowly built our relationships with our great resellers and so the public (YOU!) can buy from us or get it save money through  a reseller in your area .(click here KINKARACO® RESELLERS 

 3. EILEEN FISHER is a fashion designer in New York City who makes gorgeous clothing with eco-freindly fabrics. She also supports WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS with Sustainable Businesses! In 2010 she gave KINKARACO ™ a grant and this year she honored 30 Women with a campaign called IN HER COMPANY including (yours truly! )Thank You Eileen for all you do for women! You can see the TAKEPART /EILEEN FISHER collaboration click here:  IN HER COMPANY 

We are looking forward to 2015 - our 10th ANNIVERSARY YEAR! This year promisses FLASH SALES and lots of NEW PRODUCTS just for you so STAY TUNED! We're so happy to get a chance to hear from you so  please say hello! 

Wishing you excellent mental & physical Health for you and your families, Happiness & laughter daily and may ALL your Wishes coming true! Why not?

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Esmerelda Kent
Esmerelda Kent