September 26, 2015


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Practicing " Buddhist Economics" in the funeral industry

The KINKARA Company ( KINKARACO) is a company based in Buddhist economics.

Definitions: From the Sanskrit
KINKARA - Patitaṁ kiṅkaraṁ mām: "I am Your eternal servant, kiṅkara."          KINKARA MEANS SERVANT

KINKARA-The special Dharma Protector for practitioners  also known as "Father Mother Lord of the Charnel Grounds "(cemeteries)

At KINKARACO, we practice Buddhist Economics. We exist for your benefit to serve you with right livlihood to live. This means :

We take too long helping elderly people finding what they need and sending them things in the mail because they have no internet. 

We give free shipping too often when we determine the need .

We spend too much money paying locals to make our high quality products in the United States of America.

We buy fabrics that are of superior quality for their integrity ,natural fiber content and biodegradability . 

We cherish  ALL of our customers  including families who have just lost someone they love, people planning ahead, wealthy funeral home and cemetery owners, and home funeral guides in small towns  just beginning  their  businesses. We practice equanimity and see them one and all as very valuble .

In other words our bottomline at KINKARACO is not profit as it is within much of this industry but our decisions keep  PEOPLE as the priority while remaining solvent and functioning. We try very hard to always practice Giving, Patience, Effort, Concentration , Moral Discipline and  Wisdom.

What are Buddhist Economics?

Buddha taught RIGHT LIVLIHOOD- Making a living by means that are meritorius in service and that cause no harm to others. 

Here is a great article ragarding Buddhist Economics that best describe our point of view. We hope you enjoy it!


Esmerelda Kent
Esmerelda Kent