June 27, 2015


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The GREEN PANEL American Funeral Director Magazine June 2015

I was invited to be interviewed about Green funerals last month in American Funeral Dirtector magazine who has placed KINKARACO on the cover in 2008 and on the cover of American Cemetery  in 2010 :


In the beginning we wanted to sell directly to the people but its taken over 10 years for the public to even begin to get interested or educated about Green Burial and alternative funeral choices like home funeral. For that reason and because I already worked in cemeteries,  we worked from within the indutry as well as outside. We have a great relationship with our well vetted honest and reliable funeral homes and green cemeteries  (click here) as well as with the editors of these magazines who have loved our work from the beginning! 

Here is the Green Rountable discussion with Darren Crouch is a pioneer and leader in the funeral industry , an early  importer of "basket caskets" from China since the 90's as well as some very beautiful and innovative urns, water urns, etc. We sound like Tweedle Dumb abd Twiddle Dee!I hope you enjoy this insider industry conversation :



Esmerelda Kent
Esmerelda Kent