August 20, 2015


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What I did on my Summer Vacation

What does a GREEN BURIAL PIONEER do on Summer Holiday? I went up to the North country of England

near the Scottish border to discover some ....GOTH CELTIC  CEMETERIES! 

This one was from the 12th Century:

Like many of us I have always found ancient cemeteries comforting, giving a clear perspective 

of how short our time here on Earth is and how much some need to be remembered for existing.....

How beautiful are the stone monuments .

Although for our modern degenerate times in  complete ecological collapse ,rapid decomposition is 

what now makes good sense - but  oh how we ADORE the grounds, crypts and statuary of ancient cemeteries.....!

I visited  a local funeral co-operative in the town that collectively is owned by the local community :

Where did you stay? I always stay at my personal Hogwarts- the Manjushri Center at Conishead Priory !

What do you do there?Pray for World Peace & meditate with all my International Buddhist friends !

And  of course we had alot of proper tea . ( We love the North country folk with all their their crag,wit & sparkle! )

So now we are home and ready to serve YOU and help you precious people

with the very best GREEN FUNERAL PRODUCTS products and local referrals to the very best funeralcare!

Be Well


Esmerelda Kent
Esmerelda Kent